• This website provides online content that makes it easy to learn software applications. In addition to video lessons, students will also have access to over 90 simulation exercises. Adding this “learn by doing” approach will make much easier for students to become skilled users of various software applications.

    What is a Software Simulation exercise?

    It is when students use their mouse and keyboard to complete step-by-step instructions as the appear on the screen. The exercises range from doing a simple task to completing an entire project.

    Course Descriptions

    Excel Fundamentals
    Knowing how to use Excel is often listed as a required skill for anyone seeking employment today and for people that want to take on greater responsibilities within their organizations. Rather than trying to teach you everything there is to know about Excel, this training is focused on teaching specific skills that are commonly used in the workplace. Here are the three primary learning objectives:

    1. Improve Job Readiness
    Companies do not always have the time or desire to provide their employees with computer training. A strong knowledge of how to use Excel demonstrates that you are ready to take on new responsibilities and make valuable contributions to an organization as soon as you come on board.

    2. Use Excel to Work Efficiently
    Companies value employees that can get a lot of work done within a reasonable amount of time. This training will introduce you to dozens of fast and easy ways to use Excel to input data, perform calculations, create reports and use shortcut key combinations.

    3. Use Excel to Solve Problems
    In many cases, organizations are already using Excel for different purposes; however, there’s always room for making improvements. With the skills you'll gain from this training, you can become known as the “go to” person that can help others become better at using Excel. Here are some examples of Excel solutions you'll be able to create:

    • Cost and pricing calculators
    • Monthly budgets
    • Employee expense reports
    • Sales commission payout reports
    • Social media impact reports
    • Inventory management reports

    Word Fundamentals
    Use various tools and shortcut key combinations to create documents that include spreadsheet data, charts, tables and other graphics. You will also learn how create outlines, cover sheets, newsletters and flowcharts.

    PowerPoint Fundamentals
    Keep the audience engaged throughout your presentations by replacing words with graphics, creating charts with animations and presenting data using Tables. Slide designs, text animations, motion path animations and voice narration will also be covered.

    Database Design using Access
    These lessons are for people that currently use Access or want to learn more about what it is and how it integrates with Excel. You will learn about basic database design and the four major objects that are used to create an Access database. 

    Web Page Design using HTML and CSS (New for 2024)
    This collection of 12 simulation exercises is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to create a simple web page. You will learn about HTML tags, how to add photos to web pages, CSS coding, and much more.

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